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Andrew McIsaac
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EXIF info

Post by Andrew McIsaac »

Good evening everyone,
Working with C++ Builder XE10.4 Enterprise, Multi-Device Target: Windows 32 bit

How do I read EXIF data of an Image File?

I have :

I specifically need the Orientation and the size of the image, Width, Height.

Thank you.
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Re: EXIF info

Post by rlebeau »

Width and Height are easy to get. After loading the image file, simply read the Bitmap's Width+Height, or Size, properties.

But, TBitmap does not expose access to any EXIF metadata, so you will have to parse that manually. There are plenty of EXIF libraries available for Delphi. For instance, since you are targeting Windows, you can use GDI+ for that: https://stackoverflow.com/a/41642334/65863. Or, you can just write your own parsing code, since the JPG and EXIF formats are well-documented.
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