March 2012 Developer's Poll

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Does the C++ compiler in C++Builder generate fast-enough code for your needs?

a. Yes
b. No
Total votes: 51

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March 2012 Developer's Poll

Post by Damon »

It is well known that the C++ compiler in C++Builder does not generate fast code. For example, compared to Visual Studio or g++, some of my image-processing algorithms take twice as long to complete (or more) when compiled in C++Builder. The same exact code.

So, for me, there are many parts of my code that I need to compile using a different compiler, and then relay the results back to C++Builder. Of course, the RAD capabilities of C++Builder make up for this deficiency, but I really wish the C++ team would begin to focus on speed.

Anyone else have speed issues, or is it fast-enough for your app?

Thanks in advance for your votes!

Damon Chandler
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Re: March 2012 Developer's Poll

Post by 2ffat »

Most of my apps are DB driven so they are more dependent on the speed of the DB, network latency, and server speed than the speed of the compiled code. I voted "yes."
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