Looking for Borland C++ developer for project

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Looking for Borland C++ developer for project

Post by cokeonice »

I am looking for someone that knows Borland C++ Builder to make some modifications to an application. We are going through an upgrade and our database structure is changing so this application needs to be modified to access the new database structure.

Can anyone help me find a developer willing to work on a short term project such as this?
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Re: Looking for Borland C++ developer for project

Post by macicogna »


Could you provide more information about the development task you need?

Like so:
  • Which IDE version, DBMS and database access framework do you use?
  • Which architecture do you use? Two, 3 or N-tier? MVC or related?
  • Some info about dimension of the database structure (how many tables, views, stored procedures, etc.)
  • Which kind of modifications are you doing? Changing tables, relationships or improving stored procedures scope or functionality, or some deeper, like access framework or even architecture changes?

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