Copyright - Just How Good Is It

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Copyright - Just How Good Is It

Post by AlBro »

Recently having problems with certain at present unknown individuals continually taking my copyrighted material via the net - even now its being implied that its free - see some people cannot defend their works whilst connected to the net even when they have supposedly locked down network connections and just about any other items that may be required. What I would like is viewpoints or article possibly in the bcbj regards copyright, an article on just what it takes to defend the programmers work with details. One viewpoint maybe that we stand together and defend it and everyone must have copyright on their works. Possibly a human rights violation against the programmer/owner of the material whose only interest is to serve/supply works at a price to those people who want to abuse these rights. Views please...
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Re: Copyright - Just How Good Is It

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That's part of the internet culture, "What's yours is mine to use for free." The problem is going to be enforcement. For example, how do you prosecute someone in another country, how can you prove that you have a copyright in that country, how can you get a judge to agree with you, etc. From my experience, unless you can prove that the monetary value you lose is greater than the GNP of a third world country, law enforcement won't help. I know this sounds bad but it realistic.
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Re: Copyright - Just How Good Is It

Post by gtokas »

Welcome to the club!!
I think that most of us have experience of our code reused and claimed ownership by others.
I wrote an article here some years ago.
Anyway growing older you leave that behind.
For myself now, thanks internet/ thanks journal, parts of the code I "plump" proven to be my - kind of - idea before others using it so claim - lets say - the glory.
As for financial result it is your choice how to deal with it.
Even if you obtain the "glory" I mentioned that doesn't mean you are better than the cracker or whatever.
Eventually and themselves will come to the point of respecting other people works and efforts.
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