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End of the Journal

Post by denville »

As a subscriber since the last century I would like to record my sincere thanks to all who have been involved with the production of the Journal and who have given their time to respond to me in the Forum. It would be presumptious of me to name everyone, but I cannot close without mentioning Damon and Remy.

I am lucky enough to have achieved very considerable success (even fame or perhaps infamy!) in the small sector that I work in; over the years I have encountered many difficulties which no doubt I would have overcome eventually, but which were so much more easily overcome following help and advice given so generously in the Forum and occasionally in personal e-mails. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

If it is possible to repay anyone I will gladly contribute whatever to your cause or your faviourite charity. If it were possible to get you all together, I would gladly get on the next 'plane half way across the world to meet and shake your hands.

It is no exaggeration to say that C++ Builder changed my life. As my DOS customers wanted Windows applications, I was frustrated by the work involved. Then came CPB and the rest is history. Given that I am past my sell-by date, no doubt I will be sticking with version 6 as long I can keep it running. One thing that might have changed my mind is this: since the demise of XP and the continuing saga of W10 no end of clients have asked if I could port some (GUI) applications to Linux. If, among all the bells and whistles it has, the latest versions would have supported Linux, I would now be a very busy man again. My colleigues, who are abandoning CPB in droves, tell me the same story. Perhaps I am wrong to resent this, but I do.

Once again, thank you all.

Leeds, England.
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Re: End of the Journal

Post by gtokas »

Trying to gather my thoughts and write something but it was unexpected and still can't get it.
Even though as a member of the authors team I understand AND Damon AND the rest of the authors, again it was unexpected.
For myself I wanted to cover DirectX11 (and newer) along with media streaming but work load got my time. No longer in my country but away with only a laptop in my disposal, HOPED to make it and try start again sending articles.
But the fact is that ONE MORE resource about C++ Builder is out, and that is not good.
First was the removing of BCB topic area from experts exchange and now the journal.
As many of you know I am working with BCB since version 1 and that is LONG time.
One thing I could do to react was create a group at LinkedIn:
In the next days I hope I will have time to add content...
ALL authors from here are administrators of the group.
EVERYBODY is welcome there.
Friend Denville looks like we are in the same country at this time. Hope to meet you in person some day.
Best Regards,
George Tokas.
Senior R&D Engineer
Ipsotek Ltd.
London UK.
"Father is C++ Builder. I'm C++ Killer"
Vangelis Tokas.
12 years old.
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