Where are old posts?

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Where are old posts?

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My existing username and password for the former forums didn't work and I had to create a new on for this phpBB thing.

I've been looking for an open Quality Control link that started a while back but my JIRA login doesn't seem to work either.
I also can't seem to find any other forum discussion that I had from the past on this forum.
But I notice that there are posts from as far back as 2016 if not further.

Here's the quality portal link that should exist: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-31279
It was an open issue and had plenty of votes so far the last time I checked.

It was for a problem with the Sydney IDE I made a video for here: https://youtu.be/lzBBfoERZo8

Just wondering if I got blackballed or what the deal is. I wouldn't have even know if I didn't attempt to find the old idera community forum only to finally wind up here. And then I figured some sort of mistake had been made.

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Re: Where are old posts?

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What was your old login username? FYI, we have always used phpBB for this forum. This is an updated version. AFAIK, no posts were deleted but that's not to say that is didn't happen.
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