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ZeosLib and C++Builder

PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2015 2:46 pm
by macicogna
Hi All,

Today, as far as I know, we have very few free DB Engines/Layers that can work similar as dbExpress and FireDAC. And it is important to mention that we have some budget obstacles associated with C++Builder (and Delphi) update prices, manly related with DBMS drivers available only in Enterprise or up versions.

So, what do you think about one or two articles pointing how to install and use ZeosLib with C++Builder?

I'm trying the freeware ZeosLib for Delphi, using a C++Builder 2009 package available into the ziped source distribution.

Here my article content idea:

Part I: how to compile and install the Delphi Packages into C++Builder (tested in RAD2009 and CPBXE2). It took me two days reading foruns about some sily errors created into C++Builder when converting old CBuilder12 packages. These packages are available into the ZeosLib Repository, but they needed some work and cleanup. Maybe other members could help me testing the packages instalations with version C++Builder XE3 and up. I'm also trying to install ZeosLib in BDS 2006, but it isn't working into C++Builder personality.

Part II: report the experience of migration a median size BDE DataModule (over 50 TQuery objects) unit to ZeosLib DataAccess components, both focused in DBMS Firebird. The report would point some hints about code updates associated with some special helper methods using TQuery. This isn't a finished work, so Part II depends on my success on this migration task.

If these ideas are convincent to you, please let me know.

I think Part I from ZeosLib packages wil take two weeks from now to write down.



Re: ZeosLib and C++Builder

PostPosted: Tue Feb 03, 2015 8:51 am
by smd
After many years of playing with many database programs, going all the way back to the cpm version of dbase, along with paradox, filemaker, and several others hidden somewhere in my ancient brain cells. I recently started playing with SQLite ( Written in standard C, they have an amalgamated source file that you simply add to your list of c files (and a single header file) compiles and runs with no additional adjustments. most databases can be fully handled using only a few function calls (assuming you have an understanding of SQL) along with many functions for power users. It is a zero-configuration database, stores everything in a single file, and the file format is independent of computer endianness. Best of all it is absolutely free. Interesting read about its history which is available on the website.

Re: ZeosLib and C++Builder

PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 10:30 am
by macicogna
Hi Scott.

Nice comment.

I have plans to write about ZeosLib's performance and I think would be nice to compare it with the SQLite's original API in C.

My focus now is to compare ZeosLib with old BDE, trying to motivate others to migrate, and also with dbExpress and/or FireDAC, in order to establish a comparison with updated data access frameworks.