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** Grand Masters of Software **

PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 8:58 am
by warp7
Many applications designs and implementations run way over budget and expected timeline to miss ROI deadlines.

Get the solution in 10-25% of the time type articles. We would feature different homeruns, connect the dots of the members and make the team strong globally..

What if as a group we could deliver solutions in a fraction of the time with a world class global team by getting ahead of the crowd and standing out..

In the marketplace today clients get milked by paying the big guys by the hour not the result (of course the big guys send in the newbies to extend the billings). We as grand masters can force a move to pay for results if we educate and share amongst ourselves.

How many of the people in the room are slowing the process down.

Global CONsulting companies are milking clients with slow processes and offshoring at higher costs ( lower price times much longer timeline with project managers in the middle) After all they need to feed the financial markets with more profits every quarter.

We have built systems for many of the worlds largest companies in a fraction of the time.

how do we get to the end point, what does it take to build a interactive prototype.

Share tips and tricks for better supply chain, inventory control, accounting, tools, etc. What are the issues we did not think of.

products like VB have allowed many bad designers to write unmaintainable bad systems faster. Management has no idea that one developer or analyst can be a grand master and another a newbie.

it's now how many years you have been working but what you have done. 20 years in the same place may be 1 year of experience 20 times over.

the goal here is to educate, share an build a global group of the grand masters of solutions and software. There are too many boyscouts and consulting companies doing sub-par work out there.

Together we can take the C++ community to the top of the deliverable pile and push the vb back down to low level maintenance where it belongs.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2007 6:00 am
by gtokas
Hello warp7,
To tell the truth I don't see a proposal there...
Last months poll question made an impact here in the journal, CodeGear itself and some other minor places. The proposal for the question was mine and thanks to Damon it was published....
I didn't promote the poll at experts-exchange and I'm sure if I did that the outcome of the negative votes would be higher...
Anyway same feelings and schedules here (Greece-Europe)...
I made a draft for this month describes my feelings and personal thoughts about C++ Builder and support-disperse of the tool but it was postponed,mainly from myself, for many reasons and one of them is because it is TOO offensive in some parts...
A plan of a global consulting company along with cooperation with possible idividual companies find me at least REALLY possitive...
There are many areas now surfacing that needs more than software developers (i.e smart houses, solar and other renewable energy sources)...
Describe what you think and I may have other things to add...:-)

George Tokas.


PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2007 7:31 pm
by warp7
i am thinking best of breed only, the A-TEAM of develpers

we outline our expertise and get promoted as a GLOBAL A-TEAM to solve problems, of course at the proper rates.

I have beaten down the German and USAglobal consulting compnies nd won projects to i know it could be done, but done better and once the reputation gets out they will be back peddling..

I know the weakness and where they have all the YES men and nobody can make a decision or take a risk cause they are afraid of messing up their careers.

Basically they stay put and keep quiet.

I want a results orientated company with only the best - initially working and sharing leads together and solving problems that way too.

I'm not worried about the whiners, they are usually the slackers that do not produce and take 3-6 month to get done what i do in a day..

We need vertical products, solutions, expertise and knowledge, maybe limited initially to cetain countries.

I also like te model of pay per transaction to get in the door and out do any competition.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2007 4:52 am
by gtokas
Ok... Now got it clear....:-)
I'm in. Contact me to discuss about it...

George Tokas.

contact Info

PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2007 6:19 pm
by warp7
George Wayne Moritz here

drop me a line